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we have over-domesticated our dogs. this means they would have no survival skills if they were released back in to the wild. this puts the onus on us to protect our dogs.

the same is true of cows. well, growing up on the farm i came in to contact with a group who were in to cow fighting. they'd raise these cows to fight. give them a taste of blood. 'blooded' was the term. once a cow has a taste for violence, it reverts. becomes feral. many a feral cow escaped these trainers and formed packs that would rove through the forests and terrorize the townsfolk at night.

the actual cow fighting was... time consuming. it could take days for one to take down the other in the four-sided ring. well, the square. they called it the ring. (i once went ring-shopping and asked the clerk for a square. that ended badly.) eventually, a rule was added whereby once a cow fell asleep the owners of the other cow could knock it over, 'killing' it. (note the correct use of air quotes-- the cow was not in fact dead, merely stunned.) this brilliant rule changed the fight from days to at most 18 hours. cows need their sleep, my friend, cows need their sleep.

if ever you are travelling in the country and here the clunky clang of a cowbell, run. run, and don't look back. alternatively, you could also drive if you have a vehicle. set a rule for yourself where you will run only if you have no other conveyance faster than running. beware the feral cow packs. they hunger.